• Maestra Muñana

End of the Month Celebration

Each month students work towards receiving an end of the month celebration as an incentive for all of their hard work. I am proud to report that each class reached their monthly goal, earning them a celebration period tomorrow 10/10/19.

During this period, we play a classroom game where students can win prizes. In addition, students vote on how they would like to use the rest of the period. Their choices include the following:

-Short Movie Clip

-Play an organized game outside


-Art Activity

-Individual Game Time

Students are also allowed to bring treats for their class celebration. There are 24-26 students in each class. The following are acceptable snacks:

-Fruit Snacks

-Pouch Drinks

-Gold Fish

-Veggies Snacks

-Fruit Platters


-Ritz Crackers

-Cheese Itz

(Please refrain from bringing sugary drinks, soda, candy, cookies, cupcakes, chips, etc.) If you are not sure, please send me an email to verify.



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