• Maestra Muñana

October End of the Month Celebration

Each month students work towards receiving an end of the month celebration as an incentive for all of their hard work. I am proud to report that periods 1, 3, and 5 reached their monthly goal, earning them a celebration period tomorrow 10/31/19. Ask your child if they are in one of these periods and, if they are, congratulate them on helping their class follow our CORE expectations.

During this period, we play a classroom game where students can win prizes. In addition, students vote on how they would like to use the rest of the period.

Students are also allowed to bring treats for their class celebration. There are 24-26 students in each class. They may drop these off in my classroom in the a.m. The following are acceptable snacks:

-Fruit Snacks

-Pouch Drinks

-Gold Fish

-Veggies Snacks

-Fruit Platters


-Ritz Crackers

-Cheese Itz

-Cupcakes for themed holidays

-Candy (Holidays Only)

(Please refrain from bringing soda, chips, and glass containers)

Have a lovely evening!



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